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A female with broken arm due to a malpractice committed by her surgeon.In today’s business environment, companies, and individuals that provide professional services increasingly are exposed to lawsuits based upon claimed errors or deficiencies. Similarly, as business and society become more complex, the use of professional services increases along with incidents of professional negligence. Not every dispute is actionable — we are selective and conservative in our approach — and the legislature has enacted laws that significantly impact the strength, weakness, and timing of any malpractice claim. Having trusted Milwaukee malpractice litigation lawyers who have explored these issues and handled these cases becomes even more important. The experienced Milwaukee malpractice litigation attorneys have handled professional liability claims involving:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Agents
  • Engineers

A lawyer talking to her client about their malpractice litigation in Milwaukee.Be assured that, at Kerkman & Dunn, our Milwaukee malpractice litigation lawyer recognizes the litigation of professional liability claims requires aggressiveness and sensitivity. Victims of professional negligence often have suffered damages caused by trusted professionals. Conversely, the accused know that their professionalism and reputation are at stake, requiring skilled and competent representation. Our attorneys strive to balance those competing approaches, pursuing claims or defenses where necessary, and actively encouraging early resolution of disputes where appropriate.

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