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A successful malpractice case requires proof that the professional defendant failed to comply with industry standards of care. A successful malpractice attorney must be able to not only understand complex issues but also present them in a non-complex manner that lay juries can understand. Kerkman & Dunn has the experience and ability to achieve successful results for clients who have suffered injury as a result of professional malpractice.

Professional malpractice suits are particularly difficult in the area of legal malpractice. If a Milwaukee professional malpractice lawyer failed to achieve a successful resolution in a case or lawsuit that should have been won, you must demonstrate not only that the attorney acted negligently, but also that a different outcome would have been obtained had the lawyer not been negligent. In essence, the malpractice plaintiff must prove two cases in one. This requires the resources of a firm with a legal team who have the knowledge and expertise to cover a broad spectrum of legal disputes.

Few firms have this degree of capability and resources. At Kerkman & Dunn, we have established a reputation of achieving positive results in professional malpractice cases. We are experienced and staffed with the level of professionals needed to prepare all aspects of the case. We are able to take these matters to trial. Our reputation as skilled trial litigators enables us to achieve advantageous settlements on behalf of our clients. A settlement in the $100,000-plus range is not uncommon.

Our team has the experience and technical understanding to handle a wide range of complex professional matters, including those involving accountants, lawyers, engineers and architects. We diligently research and prepare for the technical issues that are critical to a successful result.

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