Don’t just take our word for it that we do great work! Our clients have something to say about our quality of service, as well.

“Jerry successfully litigated and negotiated many matters for us, resulting in at least $1.5 million dropped from our bottom line. He did so efficiently and in a cost effective manner.”
·Nasser Farrokh, Former Owner and CEO of Great Western Publishing, Inc., Current Owner of Maxwell Productions, Inc.

“Jerry did an excellent job of evaluating the facts and law related to a case we wanted to settle. When the other side would not accept our reasonable offer, Jerry proceeded with solid legal arguments that resulted in a quick and efficient case dismissal.”
·Walter Scott, Associate General Counsel, Saks, Inc.

“He did a good job for us. In fact, so good that the other side complained that he had ‘out lawyered’ their lawyers.”
·Bryan Sievert, Vice President of Citicorp North America, Inc.

“He told me what would happen in the litigation, the time it would take, and the likely result. Then, it unfolded and happened exactly as he said it would with the result he predicted.”
·Doug Stewart, Owner and President of K.L. Stewart & Associates, Inc.