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Milwaukee Litigation and Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Milwaukee litigation and bankruptcy lawyers of Kerkman & Dunn are proven as effective, common-sense litigators in bankruptcy and other courts who understand how to achieve favorable results for our clients. As a firm dedicated to financial restructuring and litigation practices, each of our Milwaukee litigation and bankruptcy attorney is experienced in navigating every phase of the reorganization and trial process, including appeals.

Our Milwaukee litigation lawyers are also skilled at keeping cases out of the courtroom when appropriate. Our goal is to serve our clients’ needs efficiently and effectively, whether in the courtroom, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or by informal resolution.

While we represent clients in a diverse range of legal disputes, our commitment to personally serving each client remains the same. You will not get lost in the crowd here.

Our founding partners have roots practicing in some of the nation’s largest firms, and now have a track record of success against many of those firms.

Our proven Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyers are able to develop legal strategies and achieve business objectives in the most cost-efficient manner possible, providing the highest quality legal services in a way which maximizes their value to clients.

6 Reasons to choose us

You have many choices when deciding on a law firm in Milwaukee to represent you.


We have over 100 years of combined experience representing clients in State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts in Wisconsin and other parts of the Country.

Track Record

We have been responsible for settlements and judgments valued as high as $110,000,000, and restructuring debts of more than $100,000,000 involving thousands of creditors in and out of chapter 11 bankruptcy.


While we are a boutique litigation and bankruptcy firm, we have a track record of success against some of the largest firms in the Country.


We have a reputation for providing aggressive and effective representation while keeping your best interests in mind.


We offer high quality financial restructuring and litigation services with a variety of payment options including flat fee, hourly, contingency and modified contingency.


We always put the client first and insure that your case receives the time and attention it deserves.

An Experienced Law Firm For Your Needs

Some firms seek to win cases, drawing the matter out much longer than necessary to achieve a moral victory at the expense of the client’s time and money. At Kerkman & Dunn, our Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys are focused, instead, on the business goals of our clients. It is our business to advance your business, leveraging the legal issue at hand to spur your business on to the objectives that you have discussed with us.

With this as our framework, we move efficiently. Our clients trust us to streamline the case, getting results in a timeframe that meets their business needs. We draw on vast business and bankruptcy law experience, putting together creative and dynamic solutions that will serve the interests of our clients’ businesses both now and as their businesses grow through the future.

Our firm’s expertise covers a comprehensive span of legal concerns that confront a company, including bankruptcy, financial workouts, real estate transactions, litigation, professional malpractice, environmental litigation, business formation and accusations of fraud.

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Client Testimonials

"If you are looking for an attorney who not only is very good in the courtroom, but will take your cause personally, and shoot straight with you, then this is the firm you need on your side."

Nathan George - President , FlyCast Partners

"Jerry did an excellent job of evaluating the facts and law related to a case we wanted to settle. When the other side would not accept our reasonable offer, Jerry proceeded with solid legal arguments that resulted in a quick and efficient case dismissal."

Walter Scott - Associate General Counsel , Saks, Inc.