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Assignments and Receiverships

Chapter 11 is one of the most common solutions for struggling businesses to regroup and renew operations from a more stable position. Another common option in Wisconsin is a “Chapter 128” case, also known as an assignment for the benefit of creditors. For many companies facing financial challenges, a Chapter 128 filing is a viable alternative…

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Business Fraud

Many business disputes involve an allegation of fraud. Standard contract actions often involve fraud in the form of misrepresentation of capability or intention to perform. Kerkman & Dunn‘s experience in litigating matters involving fraud is extensive. Our Milwaukee business fraud lawyers have successfully litigated matters in federal courts, bankruptcy courts, and state courts also including…

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Commercial Litigation

We provide savvy, strategic, and results-oriented legal representation for both corporate and individual clients in commercial litigation. From employment-related lawsuits to complex intellectual property disputes, we have the experience and focus that you need r company’s assets and enforce your legal rights. As a boutique litigation law firm, much of our practice…

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Construction Litigation

Construction defect disputes typically involve enormous financial losses and the parties’ rights are determined within a limited time frame. Construction litigation is often complicated and expert-driven. At Kerkman & Dunn, our Milwaukee construction construction litigation lawyers consult engineers, architects, surveyors, materials experts, and other experts in cases involving construction defects. Our Milwaukee construction litigation attorneys review…

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Environmental Property Law

Environmental laws and regulations pose a challenge to businesses large and small. From governmental enforcement actions to toxic tort lawsuits, Kerkman & Dunn has the expertise and litigation experience needed to resolve these complex issues in a timely, cost-effective manner. Michael P. Dunn, the firm’s lead environmental attorney, has 24 years of experience representing businesses and individuals…

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Professional Malpractice

A successful malpractice case requires proof that the professional defendant failed to comply with industry standards of care. A successful malpractice attorney must be able to not only understand complex issues but also present them in a non-complex manner that lay juries can understand. Kerkman & Dunn has the experience and ability to achieve successful results for clients who have suffered injury…

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Fraudulent Transfer

The garden variety of a fraudulent transfer occurs when a debtor transfers property to another, usually a family member, without adequate consideration and while “insolvent.” Another use of fraudulent transfers is to pursue principals of an insolvent company. It can be argued that the principal is liable for company debts because the company was under capitalized or the company…

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General Litigation

Kerkman & Dunn is a litigation law firm. If you are facing a legal dispute, we are here to help you enforce your rights. While many types of cases can be categorized into broader areas, some disputes stand on their ownKerkman & Dunn is a litigation law firm. If you are facing a legal dispute, we are here to help you enforce your rights. While many types of cases can be categorized into broader areas, some disputes stand on their own. Our general litigation practice focuses on the types of disputes that don’t….

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Malpractice Litigation

In today’s business environment, companies, and individuals that provide professional services increasingly are exposed to lawsuits based upon claimed errors or deficiencies. Similarly, as business and society become more complex, the use of professional negligence. Not every dispute is actionable — we are selective and conservative in our approach — and the legislature has enacted laws that significantly…

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