Business Litigators in Milwaukee Helping Enforce Noncompete Agreements

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Kerkman & Dunn has litigated and drafted provisions which limit competition by former employees and business owners. An important consideration in drafting these provisions is which law will apply. Wisconsin law is narrow in focus. It is easy to run afoul when drafting noncompete covenants in employment agreements. Other states, including California, prohibit these agreements for employees but not for former business owners. Knowing the business litigation and employment practices in regard to the non-compete is critical to a business being successful should the need arise to pursue protection under the contract.

Business lawyers at our firm has experience with the enforcement of noncompete covenants in Wisconsin, Arizona and California. Our noncompete agreement attorneys have successfully enforced an action by an employer against a former employee in Arizona and avoided the enforcement of a noncompete covenant by one party to a soured business relationship in California. Our principal, Attorney Jerome Kerkman, has successfully brought actions to enforce several in Wisconsin. Such actions usually require an immediate injunction hearing. He has been a speaker at a seminar entitled “Covenants Not To Compete” sponsored by Lorman Educational Services, from 2001 to 2007, in Milwaukee.

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