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wisconsin small business debt relief
Business Bankruptcy

Debt Relief Options for Small Businesses in Wisconsin

No business owner wants to see their business struggle or fail. But when the economy is uncertain, anything can happen. If you feel that you’re in over your head and have taken on more debt than you can afford to repay, you have options and your Wisconsin business bankruptcy lawyers want to help. Here are… Read more

wisconsin business registration
Small Business Planning

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Business in Wisconsin?

Making the decision to open a new business or move your existing business to Wisconsin is a big step. There’s a lot to do before you can open your doors and start offering your products and services to people in the area. One of the most important steps in getting your business up and running… Read more

sole proprietorship vs LLC
Business Bankruptcy

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC

Starting a business involves far more than picking a product or service to provide your customers. You also need to make sure your business is set up for success before you open your doors. And one of the most essential steps is to picking a business organization type for your company. Some of the most… Read more

negotiating M&A purchase agreement

Negotiating M&A Purchase Agreements in Wisconsin: A Quick Guide

Mergers and acquisitions are both exciting and stressful for all parties involved. But if you’re buying a new business, negotiating the purchase agreement is the best way to ensure that you’re comfortable with the terms and conditions. There’s more to those negotiations than you might think initially, and you’ll need to be prepared. Here are… Read more

business mergers and acquisitions
Business Litigation

Tips for Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions in Wisconsin

Mergers and acquisitions happen all the time and they can happen for many reasons. But regardless of what’s driving your company to become part of another, figuring out how to manage your daily operations during and after the merger can be tough. While an experienced Wisconsin mergers and acquisition attorney can help you navigate the… Read more

chapter 128 bankruptcy
Business Bankruptcy

How Many Times Can You File Chapter 128 in Wisconsin?

If you’re a business owner who’s struggling to keep up with debts and bills, filing for bankruptcy can easily feel like the only option. And with bankruptcy comes a major disruption to your business and your ability to keep your employees working. Once you file, you risk losing your business and may not be able… Read more

selling bankrupt business
Business Bankruptcy

Can You Sell a Business in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

When your business is struggling to pay back its debts, filing for bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you need. And as a business owner, you have several types of bankruptcy that you can consider. Each type offers its own distinct benefits and drawbacks, but for many business owners, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy… Read more

bankruptcy chapter 7
Business Bankruptcy

What Happens to Your Wisconsin LLC After You File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When you formed your business, you likely choose an LLC to protect your personal assets in the event that your company struggled to repay its bills. Once you hit that point, filing for bankruptcy may be the best way to settle your debts. However, there’s more to filing for bankruptcy than meets the eye and… Read more

cost of chapter 11 bankruptcy_s
Business Bankruptcy

How Much Does It Cost to File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

If your business is struggling, filing for bankruptcy may be a good way to help you recover from overwhelming debt. And for many business owners, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an effective option. But filing for bankruptcy isn’t free. You’ll have to pay a few fees to initiate and complete the process. Here’s what your Wisconsin… Read more

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