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Business Bankruptcy

What should you do before filing for business bankruptcy?

If you are driving down the road of bankruptcy with your business, then you need help. What should you do before filing for business bankruptcy? You may have some options, and an experienced law firm like Kerkman & Dunn can walk you through those options. What is the downside to filing business bankruptcy? You may… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

What’s the Difference Between a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and a Wisconsin Chapter 128?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often pursued by businesses that can no longer handle their debt payments and need some relief in order to restructure their business and achieve solvency again. Creditors still get paid, but the business can stay alive and continue to function. In Wisconsin though, there is an alternative known as Wisconsin chapter… Read more

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Business Litigation

Finding the Right Law Firm for Toxic Tort Litigation

Toxic tort litigation is complicated and it is often difficult to find a law firm that can handle your business’s legal needs during a toxic tort case. Learn how to find the right law firm for toxic tort litigation, what the plaintiff will have to prove in order to win their case, and what constitutes… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

Top Reasons a Chapter 11 May Be Denied

Chapter 11 bankruptcy serves as a valuable option for companies to stay in business while restructuring their debt. And often, an effective business reorganization plan is something that a company can go through that allows them to come out stronger on the other side.  Going through a debt restructure with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows… Read more

Business Litigation

Can You Prove a Property Seller Knew About an Issue in Wisconsin?

In today’s property market, it seems that the sellers have all of the leverage. Prospective buyers are given very little time to make decisions and have inspections done. This scenario often leads to actual property conditions or information in the legal paperwork being overlooked.  In Wisconsin, sellers are required to disclose any issues related to… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

How Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Affect Employees?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy has a lot of negative connotations associated with it. The reality is that filing bankruptcy is done in an effort for the company to stay in business and take care of as many of the vital business components that it can. This includes ensuring that it can treat employees as fairly as… Read more

Individual Bankruptcy

How Much Do You Have to Be in Debt to File Chapter 11?

For many individuals, filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives them a chance to recover and sustain their current practices financially. While individuals can file other forms of bankruptcy, Chapter 11 can be popular for numerous reasons.  First of all, there is no debt limit in chapter 11 bankruptcies, meaning individuals can file Chapter 11 no… Read more

Business Litigation

What Happens if Someone Steals a Trade Secret?

In business, finding a “secret sauce” in a given niche can be the difference between being successful and barely making ends meet. Given that competitive advantages are often hard to come by and may take considerable time and effort, it behooves a business owner to keep them secret.  The advantages that are unique to a… Read more

Business Litigation

Non-Compete Agreements in Wisconsin: What You Should Know

In Wisconsin, there are some protections that employers have over their information and ability to do business. One of these protections is known as a non-compete agreement. Essentially, a non-compete agreement prevents an employee, once they leave a company, from working for a direct competitor and divulge trade secrets to a new employer that may… Read more

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