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Business Bankruptcy

What Is Wisconsin’s Chapter 128 Bankruptcy Alternative?

Debts have a way of mounting up when businesses are struggling and as a business owner, finding ways to deal with that debt when it feels overwhelming is always a priority. While bankruptcy can be a good option, there’s a unique alternative that your Milwaukee business bankruptcy attorney wants you to know about. It’s called… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

Can Your Business Stay Open While You File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy as a business owner can be stressful. There’s more to the process than meets the eye and more at stake than what you’d face when filing for personal bankruptcy. After all, you’re in charge of meeting your customers’ needs and giving your employees a steady paycheck they can rely on.  If you’re… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

How to Build a New Business After Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Milwaukee can leave you feeling defeated as a small business owner, but it doesn’t have to spell the end of your entrepreneurship journey. In fact, many business owners go on to start thriving companies after learning from the mistakes they made with their previous companies. You just need to… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy an Option for Sole Proprietors?

to pay their routine business expenses each month. For many, bouncing back from these rough patches is possible, but for some, filing for bankruptcy can be the best choice for their personal well-being.  When filing for bankruptcy, sole proprietors may want to explore options that allow them to continue running their businesses while paying off… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

Alternatives to Filing for Business Bankruptcy in Wisconsin

Businesses finding themselves struggling financially have legal options in Wisconsin, helping them find relief. One common example is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, allowing companies to reorganize their debts while keeping the company alive and operating.  However, in Wisconsin, business owners can look at two alternatives to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy:  Chapter 128 or… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

What Is a Cram Down in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help you keep your business while restructuring your debts. However, as with any major financial decision, deciding to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not one to take lightly. It’s best to understand how Chapter 11 can impact your business and finances. Additionally, you’ll want to understand the bankruptcy process,… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

Can My Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Be Contested?

Even well-organized businesses can face financial challenges – especially in today’s economic environment. However, struggling businesses can seek financial help by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, allowing them to reorganize their debts while they continue operating their business. When you file Chapter 11 bankruptcy for your business, the goal is to come up with a… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

What Are the Pros and Cons of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Making the decision to file bankruptcy is not one to take lightly. You’ll need to consider the ins and out’s of the process, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. One type of bankruptcy is referred to as “Chapter 11.” Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “reorganization” bankruptcy,… Read more

Business Bankruptcy

Can an Individual File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Today, companies are feeling economic pressure at high levels, stemming from the pandemic and high inflation, as well as a rapidly changing job market and economy. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, commercial Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings increased by 74 percent between November 2021 and November 2022.  But this begs the question:  Can an individual… Read more

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