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Business Bankruptcy

Who Gets Paid First in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

If you are considering bankruptcy—especially Chapter 11 bankruptcy—for your business then you may be curious about the fate of your creditors. Who gets paid first in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? Kerkman & Dunn has helped many businesses navigate bankruptcy and restructuring, and though every bankruptcy is different, we can help provide you with some insight… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

Secured and Unsecured Debt Difference During Bankruptcy

If you are contemplating business bankruptcy then you may be running into terms that you aren’t used to. Secured debts and unsecured debts, it can all get confusing. Sure you may have heard these terms when you accumulated the debt in the first place, but now you want to be sure, and that’s where Kerkman… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

How Long Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Take For a Business?

If your business is considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy, then you have to make sure you are prepared to go the whole way. It’s something you want to be sure about for your business not only because the process will undoubtedly change your business for the foreseeable future, but it’s also going to take a long… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

Reasons to Consider Chapter 7 When Going Out of Business

Businesses go out of business for a lot of reasons. The most common though comes down to simple math. More money going out than coming in. Eventually that equation makes maintaining your business unsustainable. What do you do though? How do you resolve your business? You could pay off your debts, close the doors, and… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

Implications For Businesses After Filing For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

No one makes the decision to file for bankruptcy lightly. Are there long-term implications for businesses after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Kerkman & Dunn Attorneys at Law are experienced in all aspects of business bankruptcy, and we are ready to help you understand what you should have on your radar when you are thinking… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

Are There any Requirements a Company Must Meet Before Filing Chapter 11?

Bankruptcy ends up being a recourse for many business owners. It can be your last hope or just the best strategy you have available for getting through a difficult time with most of your business intact. However, are there any requirements a company must meet before filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? We can go through what… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

Will Business Bankruptcy Provide Immediate Financial Relief?

If your business is facing bankruptcy as your only remaining option, then you may be wondering if it will even help. If it’s hard for you to even open the doors tomorrow, what good will a lengthy bankruptcy trial do to your ability to continue operating? Will a business bankruptcy provide immediate financial relief? Yes,… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

What should you do before filing for business bankruptcy?

If you are driving down the road of bankruptcy with your business, then you need help. What should you do before filing for business bankruptcy? You may have some options, and an experienced law firm like Kerkman & Dunn can walk you through those options. What is the downside to filing business bankruptcy? You may… Read more

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Business Bankruptcy

What’s the Difference Between a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and a Wisconsin Chapter 128?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often pursued by businesses that can no longer handle their debt payments and need some relief in order to restructure their business and achieve solvency again. Creditors still get paid, but the business can stay alive and continue to function. In Wisconsin though, there is an alternative known as Wisconsin chapter… Read more

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