Avoiding Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

When clients approach the lawyers of Kerkman & Dunn for assistance in restructuring the finances of their business or venture, we first explore all potential options and alternatives that are available. Chapter 11 is a powerful instrument for saving a business in a wide range of scenarios, but it is not always the best possible avenue…

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Bankruptcy Litigation

With more than 50 contested hearings and trials in bankruptcy courts throughout the United States, Kerkman & Dunn advises clients on the law and counsels them on the practicalities of each individual situation. The hearings and trials in which we have assisted our clients in the past…

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Bankruptcy Tax

When a business or entity goes through bankruptcy, certain debts and obligations are discharged. Others are retained and put into a reorganization plan. As the finances of the business are restructured, the tax implications of When a business or entity goes through bankruptcy, certain debts and obligations are discharged. Others are…

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

At Kerkman & Dunn, we devote a significant portion of our practice to guiding businesses, individuals, and entities through the process of filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our sophisticated level of service is regarded throughout the state as the standard in Chapter 11 representation. We are equipped with the resources and experience to handle any business reorganization, and our acumen enables us to efficiently…

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Creditor’s Rights

Effective representation of a creditor involves expertise in state law and bankruptcy law. Attorney Jerome Kerkman and Attorney Michael Dunn have represented secured and unsecured creditors for 17 years. A fully secured creditor is usually in a good position. However, there can be problems. Successfully obtaining the collateral without damage…

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Partners and Business Associates Bankruptcy

When one partner or business associate in a business venture or partnership faces a pending bankruptcy, the other individual must make some difficult decisions to avoid being hurt by the crisis. At Kerkman & Dunn, we represent the interests of individuals facing this obstacle. Many of our clients did nothing to cause…

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