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When one partner or business associate in a business venture or partnership faces a pending bankruptcy, the other individual must make some difficult decisions to avoid being hurt by the crisis. At Kerkman & Dunn, we represent the interests of individuals facing this obstacle.

Many of our clients did nothing to cause the situation they now face. Being financially bound to a partner or organization that is now facing bankruptcy, their interests are now being dragged into the situation. We work to disentangle these interests and provide an out for our clients, protecting their personal finances as well as their share in the business.

Milwaukee Business Partner Bankruptcy Lawyers

We deal with the intricacies of bankruptcy on a daily basis, well aware of the complexities that must be considered as you seek to protect yourself and your interests from your partner’s misfortune. Factors influencing this process can vary widely based on the type of industry and entity formation involved. It is important that you have representation with the insight and understanding to quickly identify and address industry-specific details. We know the dynamics of this process and are equipped to shield your interests to the full extent of the law during these proceedings.

We are highly knowledgeable of preference issues and disciplined in peripheral issues to protect guarantee exposures. Without a solid foundation in other disciplines, representation offers incomplete advisement. Our team will guide you through the maze of options and proactive steps that can be taken, as well as provide a detailed understanding of potential implications of each. This can include intentional asset planning or a potential relocation in order to take full advantage of a different state’s exemptions. Our lawyers seek to help you avoid mistakes and errors that can cost you or leave you vulnerable to your partner’s financial struggles.

Our comprehensive approach draws in a wide range of considerations and disciplines, explaining the impact of each and empowering you to make the decisions that best serve your finances and your business interests.

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