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Our firm has represented many companies like yours in acquiring businesses as either asset transfers or stock transfers from insolvent companies. The acquisitions can occur before a court proceeding is filed, or in either a state court receivership or in a bankruptcy proceeding. How the transaction is structured and whether it is a proceeding in or out of a court depends upon business and legal factors.

In some acquisitions, obtaining the assets in place and extinguishing an existing debt are important. In those cases, an acquisition of assets in a court proceeding allows the buyer to eliminate debt. Attorney Jerome Kerkman represented Terminal-Electric in acquiring the assets, work in process and receivables of Andrae Electric, the oldest electrical contracting firm in the country, in a chapter 11 proceeding. The result: Terminal-Andrae more than doubled its business and continues to thrive.

In other situations, buying the business before a court proceeding is important to protect trade relationships and the trade name in the industry. Kerkman & Dunn Law Firm has represented buyers and sellers.

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