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Construction defect disputes typically involve enormous financial losses and the parties’ rights are determined within a limited time frame. Construction litigation is often complicated and expert-driven. At Kerkman & Dunn, our Milwaukee construction litigation lawyers consult engineers, architects, surveyors, materials experts, and other experts in cases involving construction defects. Our Milwaukee construction litigation attorneys review blueprints, inspection records, and permits to determine if code violations occurred. In cases involving water intrusion, our trusted Milwaukee construction litigation lawyer determines whether proper construction techniques were used.

Given the complicated nature of construction litigation cases, it is important to begin the process of investigation and analysis as early as possible. Call our Milwaukee construction litigation attorneys today.

Construction Defects, Faulty Materials, and Litigation

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Our Milwaukee construction litigation lawyers at Kerkman & Dunn has represented clients in construction legal matters involving the following:

  • Water intrusion
  • Allegations of faulty construction
  • Allegations involving faulty, substandard materials
  • Defective foundations
  • Erosion due to improper grading
  • Contractor contracts
  • Departure from blueprints
  • Insurance coverage

To schedule an appointment to discuss your case and the legal options available, contact our Milwaukee construction litigation attorney at Kerkman & Dunn today.

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