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Objects that symbolize real estate litigation case in Milwaukee.Real estate transactions represent a significant investment for the parties involved. A breach of contract, construction flaw, or controversial bylaw can quickly undermine the value of a property or the desire to live there. The Milwaukee real estate litigation lawyers at Kerkman & Dunn have represented clients on all sides of these disputes – homeowners, developers, and builders.

Familiar with the multifaceted nature of condominium and real estate disputes, our Milwaukee real estate litigation attorneys are uniquely skilled in both advocacies of our client’s interests and negotiation of disputes to effective resolution.

If you are involved in a real estate dispute or potential dispute, your rights are likely strictly limited by time, particularly if the dispute involves a failure to meet contractual obligations. At Kerkman & Dunn we are experienced with the specific laws and procedures governing real estate and will work quickly to ensure your interests are and remain protected. The Milwaukee real estate litigation lawyers of Kerkman & Dunn in Milwaukee work closely with condominium associations, boards, developers, contractors, home buyers, and sellers to achieve the maximum positive outcome for our clients.

When necessary we consult engineers, architects, materials specialists, and other experts in identifying and defending construction defects. In issues related to contractual obligations and bylaws, our trusted Milwaukee real estate litigation attorneys protect and assert our client’s rights regarding purchase agreements, condominium covenants, homeowner association contracts, and construction documents.

Real Estate Litigation and Breach of Contract

A lawyer handshake with client after a successful real estate litigation case in Milwaukee.The Milwaukee real estate litigation lawyer at the law office of Kerkman & Dunn represents associations, condominium boards, real estate developers, and homeowners in regard to the following kinds of issues:

The cost of a breach of contract or construction defect can be significant, and your legal right to seek relief diminishes over time. Don’t delay – contact our Milwaukee real estate litigation attorney at Kerkman & Dunn today.