Many people are understandably concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on their ability to complete the bankruptcy filing process. We want you to know that we can easily accommodate your needs. We can complete any stage of the bankruptcy process from consultations through the actual filing via video. You need only a computer or a phone with video capability. We can get your case filed, complete an in-depth consultation, or even complete a modification.  Our offices remain open and we are happy to meet with you in person, but strongly believe that you lose nothing by completing the filing stage of bankruptcy via video.

Frankly, video is superior to an in-person meeting because screen sharing enables us to share the preparation process with you as we are preparing your paperwork. These meetings are also easier to book for off-hours like weekends and early mornings when you can actually devote your full attention to the process rather than worrying about getting back to the office, picking up kids, or beating traffic. If you just need a phone consultation during these difficult times and want answers quickly without setting up a video meeting, you can book one easily by calling or emailing us directly for an appointment.

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