Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Dealing with Drones

using drones in business

Real Estate Litigation Lawyers’ Advice on Drone Use for Milwaukee Businesses As shoppers approach the holiday season, they’re likely to collide – sometimes literally – with one of the high-tech drones that are sweeping their way through the American market. A recent quick online search from one retailer identified a half-dozen or so for sale….

Milwaukee Tortious Interference Claims Attorneys

Tortious Interference Claims

Seventh Circuit Recognizes “Substantial Truthfulness” Defense to Tortious Interference Claims As the old legal saying goes, “Truth is an absolute defense to defamation.” While there may be an exception or two to every legalism, including the one about truth, having the truth on one’s side is always important. For example, it can be a defense…

Recent Case Offers Wisconsin Businesses Hope Protecting Customer Lists

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Commercial Litigation and Non-Compete Lawyers Serving Milwaukee Businesses In a September post, we discussed a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court case that cast doubt on the enforceability of “anti-poaching” provisions in Wisconsin employment contracts. As you will recall, such provisions provide that if an employee is terminated or otherwise leaves the employment, he or she may…

Wisconsin Employers Must Exercise Care With Employee Wellness Programs

employee wellness programs

Business Litigation Lawyers Assisting Employers and Employees with Wellness Program Legalities For years, Wisconsin employers and insurers have recognized that the healthier the workforce, the lower the cost of providing healthcare. And so, many employers offer workplace wellness programs intended to encourage healthier lifestyles or prevent disease. Often, the plans are coupled with financial incentives…

Many Employers Overlook Arbitration in Crafting Employment Agreements

employment agreement

There’s no getting around it: Litigation can be both expensive and time-consuming. It can consume scarce financial resources and sap the schedules of business management. All too often, even the winner turns out to be a net loser. Given that reality, some smart businesses for decades have disputes resolved through arbitration, instead of litigating them…

Commercial Landlords Walk Tightrope Related to Open Carry Firearm Laws

concealed carry

Commercial landlords have a lot to worry about. Are business conditions sufficiently favorable to allow tenants to prosper? Is the anchor tenant satisfied with its sales? Does the roof leak? Are there cracks in the parking lot pavement? The list goes on. Because of the right to bear arms contained in the Second Amendment to…

How Does Small Shop Lease Agreement Handle Changes in Anchor Tenant?

commercial real estate landlords

Commercial landlords often quip that successfully leasing a multi-tenant property requires the establishment of equilibrium between and among the tenants. Because anchor tenants have strong bargaining power, the landlord normally has to settle for thin returns on such important anchor space. Signing a good anchor, however, is crucial to securing small shop leases, which can…

Do Wisconsin Employers Have a Right to Applicant’s Social Media Posts?

business law

It’s a competitive world out there and many Wisconsin employers wish they could be a proverbial “fly on the Facebook® wall” when it comes to their employees and prospective hires. Is that valued employee saying one thing to management and another on social media? Inquiring minds want to know. What right does a Wisconsin employer…

Ranked as “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News and Best Lawyers

Press Release Headlines

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Kerkman Wagner & Dunn, one of the premier complex litigation firms in Wisconsin, announced today that U.S. News and Best Lawyers has recognized them in its “Best Law Firms” rankings in the categories of commercial, antitrust, and securities litigation. The firm will be featured in the 2017 edition of “Best Law Firms,”…

Wisconsin Retailers Should Beware of the FDA’s New Tobacco Rules

New tobacco

In mid-September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began issuing warning letters to retailers for improper sale of a host of newly “deemed” tobacco products included within the parameters of the FDA’s August 8, 2016 final “rule.” Under the rule, a number of additional products, such as cigars and e-liquids (including virtually all forms of…