A Milwaukee Law Firm Focused Exclusively on Litigation

Milwaukee, WisconsinAt Kerkman & Dunn, we provide experienced, focused legal representation for all types of legal disputes in the Milwaukee area. We bring decades of litigation experience to the table, and our attorneys have successfully represented clients in cases with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.

If you need a litigator in the Milwaukee area, we encourage you to meet with one of our lawyers to discuss your case. Numerous businesses and individuals have trusted the attorneys at Kerkman & Dunn to represent them. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Why Choose Kerkman & Dunn?

1. Our Focus.

At Kerkman & Dunn, our practice focuses exclusively on litigation. While other Milwaukee law firms tout their “full-service” capabilities, we focus on doing one thing, and doing it extremely well. As a boutique law firm unhampered by the strings of Big Law, we are able to fight aggressively for our clients while taking a cost-effective approach to meeting their legal needs.

2. Our Experience.

Our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience in complex litigation in the state and federal courts of Wisconsin. We regularly represent clients in a wide variety of types of cases, including:

In addition representing clients located in Wisconsin, our attorneys also regularly serve as local counsel for attorneys and law firms representing clients nationwide.

3. Our Approach.

We take an innovative approach to legal representation. Blending expertise, teamwork, and a heavy emphasis on client satisfaction, our lawyers offer an unparalleled level of service while always remaining cognizant of our clients’ bottom lines. Whenever possible, we seek to use negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other time and cost saving methods to secure favorable results as efficiently as possible.

4. Our Results.

We could tell you more about our approach, but we think that our results speak for themselves. We have successfully taken on government authorities and some of the largest law firms in the country, and we have been responsible for settlements and judgments valued as high as $110 million.

5. Our Free Consultations.

We offer free consultations to all potential clients. It is important to build a solid working relationship with your attorney, and we don’t believe that you should have to pay to meet with your potential legal representation. We want to get to know you, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have when it comes to choosing the right attorney for your case.

Schedule a free consultation with the attorneys at Kerkman & Dunn

6. Our Flexibility.

In addition to offering free consultations, we also offer flexible fee arrangements based upon each client’s individual needs. Depending up on the circumstances, we offer flat-fee, hourly, contingency, and modified contingency fees. Contact us to learn more.

7. Our Focus on Your Best Interests.

If there’s one thing that you should know about us, it is that we are litigators above all else. Litigation is all that we do, and we are passionate about using the legal system to help our clients.

But, while some litigators can go overboard in litigating for litigation’s sake, we always keep our clients’ best interests in mind. We understand that you want a quick (and, of course, favorable) result, and we will do what it takes to help you attain that goal as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

8. Our Reputation.

Thanks to our experience and unique approach, we have developed a strong reputation in the business and legal communities. We regularly receive referrals from our clients, and other lawyers and law firms frequently call upon us when they are in need of litigation expertise in Milwaukee.

9. Our Ability to Take Action Immediately.

As a result of our size, we are able to take action immediately when doing so is necessary to protect our clients. We are small enough to be nimble, yet large enough to have the resources necessary to handle complex matters both for and against Fortune 500 companies.

10. Our Commitment to Our Clients.

Finally, we sincerely believe that the main thing that sets us apart from other law firms is our commitment to our clients. We invest ourselves in our clients’ cases, and we are 100 percent committed to doing what it takes to win. If you want a law firm that you can always trust to have your best interests in mind, give us a call today.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

With offices in downtown Milwaukee, Kerkman & Dunn represents clients throughout Wisconsin and nationwide. If you would like to speak a member of our litigation team about your case, call us at (414) 278-7000 or send us a message online now.

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