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The culture at Kerkman & Dunn is different from other Milwaukee law firms. We understand that our clients want us to speak their language and provide imaginative, viable solutions to legal uncertainties. Our attorneys’ depth of experience enables us to be proactive, anticipating problems and finding the best possible outcome for every individual situation, ranging from complex class action litigation to business contract disputes to the daily demands of “business as usual.”

We understand that our clients want us to speak to them in their language-and we do. By centering our practice on commercial, business and class action lawsuits, we provide our clients with comprehensive and knowledgeable representation through explanations of all their legal options and a willingness to go to court.

Evaluating the Legal Options available to You

Legal proceedings are sometimes necessary when the other party involved is unwilling to reach an agreement. Before entering into the courtroom setting, it’s important to understand what the issues are, how the court or jury will likely view them, and what can be done to leverage your case before going to trial. While we prepare each case for trial, our lawyers are also capable negotiators who are often able to resolve an issue without going to trial. Because the attorneys at Kerkman & Dunn have the experience in handling cases large and small, we have the knowledge to advise you as to your legal options. Negotiation, pretrial resolution and full-blown trial are very personal client decisions. Our size will personalize your decision, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Legal Services and Practice Areas

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Beyond Kerkman & Dunn’s expertise in business and commercial litigation, the firm has cultivated a specialty in other legal matters that few, if any other firms can match. Some of these areas such as transportation defense are unique claims that need the skill of an experienced defense attorney. Other areas are more commonplace such as contract disputes but require the care and attention that Kerkman & Dunn offers.

Whether you need legal business counsel regarding a contract dispute, business legal representation, or have an issue that requires an experienced and knowledgeable trial attorney, the law firm of Kerkman & Dunn can help. For more information regarding our practice and how we can help you, contact the business and commercial litigation attorneys at the law office of Kerkman & Dunn today.

The principals of Kerkman & Dunn have litigated issues involving trade secrets, copyright infringement, theft of an Internet website, fraud, noncompete agreements, commercial law, wrongful competition, non-dischargeability in bankruptcy court and fraudulent transfers, and have acted in significant roles in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.

We have represented debtors and creditors’ committees in large Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases in Wisconsin, including Wick Building Systems and Great Lakes Petroleum. We are equipped to handle your business litigation and Chapter 11 bankruptcy concern.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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