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Chapter 11 bankruptcy paperwork in Milwaukee

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Our lawyers and law firm spend a considerable amount of time helping businesses and individuals through the complicated process of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We understand the stress you may be under, but with our help we can alleviate that stress and help you move on from your financial woes.

Petition for bankruptcy in Milwaukee

Avoiding Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

When companies are in financial trouble, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may seem like the best option to end the stress. Before filing for Chapter 11, however, companies should consult with attorneys that can determine whether it’s the best course of action or not. Our firm can help you make this decision before you end up making a mistake.

Bankruptcy paperwork in Milwaukee

Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy may often seem like the final solution in situations of financial turmoil, but it marks the start of a complicated process that requires knowledge and experience that many attorneys do not have. Kerkman & Dunn’s lawyers are well versed in the practice of bankruptcy litigation and can help you with your case.

Man looking at a bankruptcy paperwork in Milwaukee

Creditor’s Rights

Whether you are a secured or an unsecured creditor, having an attorney who understands the intricacies of creditor’s rights can be a great advantage when dealing with debtors and payment. Our firm regularly works with creditors.

Couple calculating business bankruptcy tax in Milwaukee

Bankruptcy Tax

No business ever envisions going through bankruptcy, but knowing who to call when it happens can help greatly to sort out the various debts and obligations that are discharged. At Kerkman & Dunn, bankruptcy taxes are just one of the many practice areas with which our legal team is competent and experienced.

Business man with briefcase in Milwaukee

Dealing With Partners and Business Associates Who Are in Bankruptcy

As business owners, you want to make sure that your partners are as competent and reliable as you are. Occasionally, however, you may have to deal with a partner that is facing a pending bankruptcy. In these cases, having lawyers who know what they’re doing is important to both you and your company.

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If you would like more information about our services for business bankruptcy in Wisconsin, we invite you to meet with one of our Milwaukee business bankruptcy lawyer. To schedule a confidential consultation at our offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, call (414) 278-7000 or contact us online today.

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Some firms seek to win cases, drawing the matter out much longer than necessary to achieve a moral victory at the expense of the client’s time and money.


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  • If you are looking for an attorney who not only is very good in the courtroom, but will take your cause personally, and shoot straight with you, then this is the firm you need on your side.

  • Jerry did an excellent job of evaluating the facts and law related to a case we wanted to settle. When the other side would not accept our reasonable offer, Jerry proceeded with solid legal arguments that resulted in a quick and efficient case dismissal.

  • Best legal money I have ever spent.

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