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Business Litigation

What Happens if Someone Steals a Trade Secret?

In business, finding a “secret sauce” in a given niche can be the difference between being successful and barely making ends meet. Given that competitive advantages are often hard to come by and may take considerable time and effort, it behooves a business owner to keep them secret.  The advantages that are unique to a… Read more

Business Litigation

Non-Compete Agreements in Wisconsin: What You Should Know

In Wisconsin, there are some protections that employers have over their information and ability to do business. One of these protections is known as a non-compete agreement. Essentially, a non-compete agreement prevents an employee, once they leave a company, from working for a direct competitor and divulge trade secrets to a new employer that may… Read more

Business Litigation

Bankruptcy and the Coronavirus

Many people are understandably concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on their ability to complete the bankruptcy filing process. We want you to know that we can easily accommodate your needs. We can complete any stage of the bankruptcy process from consultations through the actual filing via video. You need only a computer…

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